What Is SEO? And How It May Affect Your Website Ranking?

What Is SEO? And How It May Affect Your Website Ranking?

SEO is a beneficial digital marketing strategy that assists businesses in showcasing their brand, engaging with their audience, and proving themselves more authoritative and reliable than their competitors. Statistics indicate that 53% of all website traffic arrives through organic search. A combination of visually appealing website and SEO optimization helps you convert your prospects into customers by assembling the website more visible to search engines. This article will share everything you need to know about SEO and why it is crucial for you to be successful in the digital space. 


What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique for improving the quality of a website for achieving good organic ranking and generating traffic. SEO is the component of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) by which you can promote your website through high-quality and engaging content. If you want to implement SEO techniques, you need to be aware of search engines for better understanding.


Working of search engines

A search engine is software that is developed to perform web searches. It uses a organized method to locate relevant results for a specific search query on the worldwide web.

It uses a organized method to locate relevant results for a specific search query on the worldwide web.

1. Crawling

It is a process by which web crawlers (software) extract the data of web pages linked with a website. 

2. Indexing

The indexing process is used to organize and store data gathered through crawling procedures. It is vital to identify the words that define the page better and allocate those particular words to relevant pages. If a webpage is indexed, it will be displayed in the search results if it matches the search query.

3. Ranking

If the indexed content matches the searcher’s query or intent, the content will appear in the search results.


3 SEO Optimization techniques that affect your website ranking

SEO marketing has many different aspects to increase the quality of your website. It is usually difficult to follow as it has various elements. Let’s take a look at major SEO optimization techniques:

1. Onpage SEO 

On-page, SEO deals with the optimization of content on your web pages. You will carry out changes on the elements of the webpage to increase its visibility in search results. 

Following are the common on-page optimization strategies:

1.1 Content Development

For a productive SEO campaign, you will need high-quality content. Effective content creation methods empower you to drive qualified and organic traffic to your website. An on-page optimization technique is helpful for you to rank on keywords that are relevant to your audience and company. 

1.2 Keywords Research 

You will need to find the keywords that match your audience and use them in your content. This exercise is an all-important element of SEO as it helps you rank higher in search results.

1.3 Keyword Optimization

After discovering the right keywords, you will have to use them on your webpage. 


2. Technical SEO

It is another SEO optimization technique that ensures that your website’s technical/backend requirements match with the modern search engines’ need for better rankings.

2.1 Adjusting Pagespeed

Pagespeed is an essential factor in deciding whether your visitors will engage with your website or leave it and turn to your competitor. The audience of your webpage doesn’t wait for a longer time to see your page. That’s why you need to optimize your web pages to load faster.

2.2 Build a mobile-first or responsive site

The majority of individuals utilize their smartphones to browse the internet. Therefore, it is essential to make your website mobile responsive to have a better user experience. 

2.3 Website Crawlability

The website shows up in the search results if correctly crawled and indexed. Hence, you need to increase your website crawlability by adding a robots.txt file for search engines to index and crawl your site.


3. Offpage SEO

Another essential type of SEO technique is carried out externally for your website. This strategy helps you gain brand awareness and attract more traffic by establishing a relationship with other websites. Backlinks from other websites are like a vote through which Google perceives that you are more expert, authoritative, and trustworthy in your industry. You can gain backlinks from reputable websites with high traffic by providing high-quality content.

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