Top 5 Indicators That Your WordPress Website Is Hacked

Top 5 Indicators That Your WordPress Website Is Hacked

In the realm of website development, WordPress is the most widely used platform by far. As much as one-third of all high-ranking websites are fueled by WordPress. No surprise Automattic, the company behind WordPress, has a team of experts named the ‘WordPress Core Team’. 

The core WordPress software is protected by a team of professionals that are among the best in the world. WordPress has a wide variety of themes and plugins that you can use to customize your site’s look and functionality. 

Hackers may be able to get access to your website via a security weakness in one of your themes or plugins. Plugins are responsible for more than half of all WordPress breaches.

We’ll walk you through Top 5 Indicators That Your WordPress Website Is Hacked. in this article. In addition, we’ll also provide you some tips on how to keep your website safe from hackers.

Top 5 Indicators That Your WordPress Website Is Hacked.

In most cases, you’ll be alerted immediately if your WordPress site has been compromised. It’s possible you won’t recognize it for a long period of time, either. If your WordPress site has been hacked, here are five simple symptoms to watch out for.

  • Rapid Decline in Website Traffic.

It is possible that your WordPress site has been hacked if you witness a dramatic decline in traffic in your analytics reports, even if Google Analytics is set up correctly. It is possible that a sudden decrease in traffic is caused by a variety of circumstances.

Visitors who are not signed in are at risk of being sent to spam websites if your website is compromised with malware. In addition to the abrupt decline in traffic, Google’s safe browsing tool may be alerting consumers about your site.

  • Spammy Accounts.

In the absence of any spam registration protection, spam user accounts are nothing more than ordinary junk mail that may be deleted. As long as new user accounts are still showing up in WordPress, this indicates that your site has been hacked.

There are times when you won’t be able to remove the suspicious user account from your WordPress dashboard since it has the administrator status.

  • Slow website.

Random denial of service or DDoS assaults may hit any website on the internet. Using a variety of hijacked machines and servers from across the globe, these assaults use a variety of IP addresses. Your server may be overwhelmed with requests, but it may also be actively attempting to break into your site at the same time.

If you engage in any of these activities, your website will become laggy, unresponsive, and unreachable. Check your server logs to find out which IPs are making excessive requests and ban them, but if the hackers keep changing IP addresses, this may not solve the issue. Even if your WordPress site isn’t infected, it might just be running slowly.

  • Incorrect Meta descriptions or Titles.

Your WordPress site may have been hacked if search results from your site display inaccurate titles or meta descriptions.

The title and description of your WordPress site are still valid. Using a previously exposed backdoor, the hacker was able to introduce malicious code that only search engines can see, causing your site’s data to be corrupted.

  • Sending Visitors To Unknown Websites.

Another clue that your website has been hacked is if visitors are being redirected to an unfamiliar domain. Because it doesn’t reroute already-logged-in visitors, this attack generally goes unreported. 

In addition, it may not reroute users who type the URL directly into their browsers. Malware or a backdoor on your website is often to blame for these kinds of intrusions into your system.

Make Your WordPress Site Safe and Secure.

Getting a WordPress site back up and running after it’s been hacked may be a huge hassle. Because of this, we advise that you use a professional software like Sucuri to clean up your website. It comes with a strong website application firewall that stops assaults before they can reach your website. More notably, if your website is ever hacked, they will clean it up.


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