Top 5 Cool features Of Windows 11

Top 5 Cool features Of Windows 11

Windows 11 previews such as Build 22000.51 and 22000.100 were made available to Windows Insiders soon after the operating system’s first announcement by Microsoft. The first stable version of Windows 11 has finally been published by Microsoft. In this article, we’ll discuss Top 5 Cool features Of Windows 11.

Top 5 Cool features Of Windows 11

1. The Start Menu has been redesigned.

When it comes to the new Windows 11 desktop operating system from Microsoft, the launcher-style floating Start Menu is by far the most eye-catching feature. The new Start, as it is dubbed by Microsoft, replaces the previous Start Menu and occupies the whole taskbar. Apps that have been pinned and those that have been suggested are shown side by side in a flyout menu. So far, I’ve found the suggestions to be really helpful. Apps and papers I’ve lately installed are readily available.

In addition, if you hover your mouse pointer over the Search option, a list of recommended applications based on previous searches will appear. The new Start screen in Windows 11 is my favorite feature. It’s quick, clever, and provides the greatest outcomes in a matter of seconds.

The old Windows 10 Start Menu with support for live tiles may be restored for users who are concerned about the new Start Menu’s centered placement and launcher-style interface.

2. The Action Center has been updated.

Action Center is my second top pick feature in Windows 11. We’ve seen similar design language before on mobile OSes, and I’m a fan of this mobile-first approach to system toggles. Action Center may now be opened by just clicking the unified “WiFi, volume and battery” button. Everything you need is here, including brightness and volume settings. Like previously, you can add additional toggles.

Even more exciting, you don’t have to go into Settings to link your smartphone with Bluetooth anymore. A sleek design with badge support and enough room to respond or remove the clutter is also provided. In addition, the new Action Center is far more responsive than Windows 10’s sluggish Action Center. Microsoft deserves a round of applause!

3. Control of all types of media across all platforms.

All your media playing may now be controlled from the new Windows 11 Action Center. There is no difference in how the Action Center displays content while you are using a YouTube video, Spotify playlist, Twitter post, or a local video. Note that I attempted to play a video using VLC but it was not recognized. However, when I used the native “Films & TV” app to play a local film, it worked well. Windows 11 includes yet another useful feature in the form of Universal Media Control.

4. Windows 11 now supports Android apps.

With Windows 11, Android applications from the Amazon App Store may now run on the operating system. Android app support has yet to be included in the official Windows 11 release. Apps for Android will be available in future editions of Windows, Microsoft has revealed. But there’s more to come. Best of all, you can sideload APKs into your Windows 11 PC. What a wonderful idea!

5. A New Your Phone App!

Your Phone has been steadily improving since its introduction in 2018, but the current Windows 11 release seems to have brought a new, redesigned version of the app to Windows 11. An next version of the Your Phone app was revealed recently at the Surface event, and it’s designed to look like the rest of Windows 11’s interface.

Launching Android applications from your phone is currently supported by Your Phone, but only on Samsung flagship phones. Android users everywhere may benefit from app mirroring with Windows 11’s new Your Phone.


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