AI and Supercomputers Help Doctors Diagnose And Treat Mental Illness

The mental disease affects about a billion people worldwide. The world’s second most powerful supercomputer
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5 latest technology trends to watch out for in 2022

Covid 19 pandemic has brought a tremendous shift in the technology sector and accelerated the
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What is Facial Recognition Technology?

Despite being popular in trendy sci-fi and action movies, facial recognition technology is also gaining
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Uses and Advantages of AI-driven chatbots

Welcome to a future in which artificial intelligence, machine learning, and conversational software may transform
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What is cybersecurity? Its importance and Types of cyber threats!

Cyber security is a process used to protect sensitive data, hardware, and software from unknown
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How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect Society’s Future?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has played an essential role in this era of the digital revolution.
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