LinkedIn Service Marketplace – A New Freelance Platform

LinkedIn Service Marketplace – A New Freelance Platform

LinkedIn is a well-known platform to hire potential candidates for remote, part-time, and full-time jobs. It is owned by Microsoft. Most corporations utilize it to advertise jobs and recruit the best candidates relevant to their domain. It is the best platform for job seekers to connect with companies seeking talented individuals for their workflows. Statistics show that LinkedIn has overall 660 million users. LinkedIn is continuously rolling out new updates for its job-hunting tools and rapidly adapting to the current trends in the job market. In agreement with this, it is also unveiling a freelance marketplace identical to reputable freelance platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork. This article will highlight the essential terms of the LinkedIn marketplace, how it works and how to take advantage of it.

What Is the LinkedIn Marketplace?

LinkedIn is a popular and outstanding professional social media that is now getting ahead of Fiverr and Upwork by launching a services marketplace. It is a type of search engine that helps companies get in touch with highly skilled individuals on a contract basis. Freelancers or job seekers can register for their services on the LinkedIn marketplace for 250 job categories. Clients can easily find the best candidates by searching through the LinkedIn marketplace landing page. Moreover, clients can also submit requests for proposals to facilitate freelancers to bid on their job posts and connect with the right candidate. So, you have to enlist your services on the LinkedIn services marketplace platform to increase your chances of getting found by clients. 

How Does LinkedIn MarketPlace Work?

To help you begin with the LinkedIn marketplace, you must have complete knowledge of this platform. So you can prepare your strategy for this new platform. LinkedIn marketplace will provide consulting, graphic and web designing, marketing, writing, and much more. This platform will deduct nominal service fees from each job, the same as Fiverr and Upwork. 


  • Payment can be transferred with a digital wallet powered by Microsoft
  • LinkedIn marketplace will be similar to LinkedIn ProFinder


To understand the working of the LinkedIn marketplace, you need to be aware of LinkedIn ProFinder first! LinkedIn facilitates companies to find the best possible candidates for their job. On the contrary, LinkedIn ProFinder allows users to display their services to businesses and communicate that they are available for work.

With millions of users of LinkedIn, freelancers can increase their chances of being discovered by using paid advertising campaigns.

How To Take Advantage Of LinkedIn Place?

If you’re a beginner to LinkedIn Marketplace, these tips will help you develop your portfolio to succeed in the new marketplace. Following is the series of steps by which you can stay ahead of your competition on LinkedIn Marketplace. 

Build Portfolio

The majority of the clients look for experienced candidates for their work. They demand a portfolio of previous projects to select the right applicant for their job. If you are a web developer or graphic designer, a portfolio can help you grab clients’ attention and get more jobs in the long run. A portfolio makes you stand out from the crowd.

Select Your Best Price

If you are a beginner to freelance platforms, it will be hard for you to determine your price whether you are charging less or more. You can calculate your pay rate according to the hours you work. Whether hourly or milestone rate, your hourly rate comes under industrial standards. You need to consider the value you provide to the client with your work. 

Optimize Website For Better Results

To catch the concentration of potential employers and get a high-paying gig, you need to use SEO strategies so that your website ranks on top of search engine results. Create a catchy headline on the landing page to inform your clients who you are? And services you provide. The UI and UX experience of your website should be consistent and smooth. Use appropriate keywords in your content to enhance your search results visibility.

Market Your Brand 

Promote yourself on social media platforms to reach a wider audience, gain more clients and score more jobs. It will establish credibility in the eyes of your audience, expand your reach and exposure.  


Like Fiverr and Upwork, LinkedIn introduced a freelance platform, “LinkedIn Service Marketplace.” To stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of your potential employers on LinkedIn, you need four things to remember: building a portfolio, determining your rates, optimizing your website, and marketing your brand.

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