Top 5 free SEO tools for beginners in 2022

Top 5 free SEO tools for beginners in 2022

Although many paid SEO optimization tools are available over the internet with advanced features and high limitations, several free SEO checker tools offer the same functionality as paid ones. That’s why we have made a list of the top 10 free and best SEO tools for beginners that you can add to your collection to achieve better rankings. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is essential for small and medium scale businesses, delivering valuable metrics regarding SEO performance and digital marketing strategies. Anyone having access to Google Suite can use the Google Analytics tool. It is vital to track how well the website performs and gather visitors’ data. Many corporations utilize it to measure how successful their marketing campaigns are, top traffic origins or demographics, analyze the change in user engagement, and their goal achievements. According to the searcher’s intent, enhancing the existing marketing strategy is crucial to increasing traffic and driving sales.

Core Features

  • Data management and visualization using charts, and dashboards
  • Data classification and funnel analysis
  • Data gathering API’s
  • Detecting irregularity and providing predictive analysis
  • Categorization for analyzing subsets like conversions
  • Comprehensive reports for audience retention, conversion, and advertisements.
  • Communication through emails 

Screaming Frog

Multiple aspects are essential for the higher ranking of a website in the search results. Besides incorporating relevant keywords and backlinks, the overall improvement of the website’s infrastructure is also necessary. It makes it easier for search engine crawlers to navigate through your website, extract data, and index it so that it appears in relevant search results. If there are errors in your site’s structure, crawlers will fail to index your website. Then your website has no existence in the eyes of Google. Screaming frog is a helpful tool that extracts and indexes your website provides technical audits and performance metrics.

Core Features

  • Dead or broken links tracking
  • Meta-tags inspection
  • Duplicate content check
  • Site structure breakdown
  • Investigates robots.txt or other directives
  • XML sitemap analysis
  • Redirects review

Animalz Revive

Animalz Revive is a handy tool to check the decaying content of your posts, causing a loss of traffic on your website. It suggests improvements for the old content that need upgrade or update. Google Analytics crawls the particular content that lacks organic traffic and displays a graph of organic traffic changes.

Core Features

  • Content decay analysis
  • Provides insights of Traffic Loss
  • Checks the overall traffic over the duration 12 months

Google Trends

Google Trends is a valuable tool that displays the approximate search volume over a given time of any search term. It is primarily used for keyword research and tracking change in keyword search volume. It collects details about keywords such as search volume index and demographical information of search engine users. Google Trends is a must-have tool for marketers to elevate their marketing efforts to new heights by exploring trends relevant to your business.

Core Features

  • Market and product research
  • Identifying trending niches for products
  • Refining online marketing campaigns
  • Track trend variations w.r.t geographies
  • Check the reliability of search term

Rank Math Onpage Optimization Tool

Rank Math is a famous SEO plugin available for WordPress websites that analyzes on-page elements of a webpage. It provides the most valuable insights regarding meta tags, titles, alt texts, and descriptions to refine the appearance of your website in search results. You can simply download and install this free plugin from your WordPress website dashboard and initiate on-page optimization on your website content.

Core Features

  • Comprehensive SEO Analysis for identifying 30 known defects on the website
  • Analyzing and tracking keyword rankings
  • Available for WordPress, Gutenburg, and classic editors


Want to achieve high performance in your SEO strategies for better results? Just have a look a several SEO tools mentioned above to get started. SEO is a vital segment of digital marketing strategies. To make the most of it, you need to use these free SEO tools to learn more about your audience’s intent and develop a more effective strategy to grow your audience and increase sales.


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