5 Best Ecommerce Platforms in 2022

5 Best Ecommerce Platforms in 2022

Electronic commerce, sometimes known as eCommerce, is the act of conducting business through the Internet. Electronic commerce involves the buying and selling of goods and services through the Internet by both people and companies. It is possible to build and manage an online store to sell items using an eCommerce platform. A way to sell their items to customers is provided by eCommerce systems, which come in numerous flavors. You don’t need any technical skills, a large budget, or even a degree in web design to use one of these platforms to start your own online business. They’re packed with eCommerce-specific features and styles to make getting your business up and running as simple as possible – and profitable. Our focus here is on the best eCommerce platform of 2022, which we’ll be discussing in this article.

Which is the best platform for eCommerce?

It may be difficult to choose an eCommerce platform because there are so many to choose from, especially when they all claim to be the best. Do not waste time and money on low-quality e-commerce sites. More than half of the industry has been taken over by companies like Amazon, and hundreds of other online retailers are claiming their piece. As a result of this, you must compete by providing the finest shopping experience for your clients on your website. The eCommerce landscape is ever-evolving, owing to the constant influx of new products, upgrades, and improvements. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best eCommerce platforms for running a business in 2020.

1. Shopify

Over a million companies across the world rely on Shopify, one of the greatest eCommerce platforms in the world. With more than 5,000 business users and 1 million users, and yearly revenue over $1 billion, the platform is quickly expanding. This technological solution gives you everything you need to get your store up and running in a matter of minutes. You’re also relieved of the burden of maintaining your own website infrastructures, such as a domain name, web hosting and payment gateways (like PayPal and Stripe), content management systems (CMS), databases, and SSL certificates).

2. BigCommerce

Businesses may use Big Commerce’s SaaS e-commerce platform, which has many customizable templates, to quickly build their own online businesses. Bigcommerce is the ideal host for large and rapidly expanding companies despite its complexity. Bigcommerce may be the perfect option if you believe your business has outgrown your current platform.

3. WooCommerce

It’s hard to build a new eCommerce site over an existing WordPress installation thanks to WooCommerce, an eCommerce website integration. When installed, WooCommerce will allow you to create a fully working eCommerce website on your WordPress website for free. Free and easy to use, the WooCommerce plugin is a great option for anybody looking to start selling online. WooCommerce is a great option if you don’t mind installing databases, uploading SSL certificates, and selecting the finest web hosting servers. WooCommerce, on the other hand, necessitates the use of several third-party plugins. Payment processing, inventory management, and stock control are part of this package. And stock control. PayPal, SagePay, and Stripe are all supported third-party methods for payment.

4. Wix

As an e-commerce platform for beginners, Wix’s website building tools let anybody create a site, but the site’s real look and experience frequently fall short of expectations. A drag-and-drop website builder with e-commerce capabilities is noted for its user-friendly interface. Creating a website is a breeze when using Wix. Because of the WYSIWYG editor, even non-technical users can use it.

5. Magento

Many people know about Magento’s eCommerce platform because of its worldwide popularity. According to the same research, it is the third biggest in the world. You must have a conversion-based eCommerce website if you hope to turn website visitors into paying customers. Magento may be a good fit for your company’s needs. Magento is the eCommerce platform of choice for some of the world’s largest businesses, including Nike, Procter & Gamble, and Cisco.

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