How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect Society’s Future?

How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect Society’s Future?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has played an essential role in this era of the digital revolution. It is extensively used in many sectors to automate repetitive activities, save time, and enhance the performance of their workflows. Who laid the foundations of this intelligent and innovative technology during the conference at Dartmouth College in the late 1950s. John McCarthy, a brilliant computer scientist, created “Artificial Intelligence.” Recent progressions in artificial intelligence have made our everyday life much more straightforward through digital banking, map navigation, and chatbots. This article will provide a complete analysis of artificial intelligence, its applications in healthcare and eCommerce.


What is AI technology?

AI is related to smart devices and systems capable of performing tasks using intelligent algorithms or programs. They can grasp and respond ideally because they have improved their thinking and data analysis skills. The overwhelming majority of people feel that artificial intelligence will someday replace them. Who invented AI to improve human capabilities and effectiveness.  


Common Applications Of AI



AI can change every business, thanks to a plethora of application cases. As every industry is data-driven, artificial intelligence can ensure better data processing and other vital functions. 


Superior Administration

AI-driven technology at hospitals assists in daily administrative tasks to increase efficiency and reduce human error. NLP (Natural Language Processing) has made it simpler for medicare professionals to provide notes for medical diagnosis and compile the patient’s data. 



Patients experiencing subtle symptoms can acquire additional information about their health by using the E-Health AI system to learn more about their symptoms, offer crucial health metrics, and determine if they require medical assistance. It will minimize the duties of doctors by only identifying patients that need extreme medical care.


Robotic Surgery

Surgeries performed with the assistance of robots have fewer chances of error, and Who can execute them round the clock without any exhaustion. Robotic surgery is less complicated than traditional surgery, and it is highly accurate. It saves the time of medical staff and reduces the time for the patient to recover from surgery.


Health Vitals Check

Their essential health metrics determine the state of the person’s health. There are numerous smart devices and wearables available in the market by which you can check your sugar, blood, and cholesterol levels. 




Best Recommendations

Many eCommerce giants are leveraging AI technology to provide better product recommendations to their users according to their interests. It assisted them in attracting more clients and increasing revenue.


It is the primary application that is spread across various industries. Chatbots provide customer service and answer queries sent through a website. 

Cleansing fake reviews

Many websites receive a high volume of reviews, such as Amazon, due to which it is difficult for the human eye to check if they contain any malicious content. However, AI comes to the rescue with the assistance of NLP methods, checking for and removing reviews with suspicious material to ensure a hassle-free customer experience.


Refining Search

E-Commerce depends on the intent of the buyer. What product does the buyer want? And what is he searching for? AI optimizes the search result using different parameters to provide better product suggestions to buyers that they are looking for.


Supply Chain

In the supply chain, AI is being utilized to analyze the demand for various products in different timelines. Hence it becomes easier to ensure that the stock meets the demand. 


Conclusion: Artificial Intelligence tech is evolving

Artificial intelligence is a huge step forward in technological growth. Several organizations and researchers worldwide are coming up with fascinating developments in AI. It has transformed the everyday lives of human beings and industries. AI has aided in developing increasingly sophisticated technologies such as big data, IoT, and robots.


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