What is App Store Optimization?

What is App Store Optimization?

Optimizing your app for the Apple and Android stores is an organic process that helps your software show up in search results on both platforms.In the mobile app marketing sector, App Store Optimization (ASO), also known as App Store SEO, is major element. This is because app downloads are top priority for all marketers.

Therefore, if you are aiming to increase the number of downloads of your mobile app and enhance the performance of your online company, then we have everything that may assist you in achieving the results you seek.

The following topics are going to be covered in this article:

  1. What is the ASO?
  2. Why is it necessary to use ASO?

What precisely is the ASO?

App Store Optimization, often known as ASO, is a method that includes improving your app in order to raise its ranking inside the app store. The idea of search engine optimization is where the term “search engine optimization” (SEO) comes from.

Consider search engine optimization, in which different websites for businesses compete with one another to get better rankings on the results page of a search engine like Google. ASO works in the similar manner, pitting numerous applications against one another in a competition to get better rankings on the app result page.

Therefore, the higher the rank of your app in the app store search results page, the greater the likelihood that your app will be seen by more people. This boost in exposure would, in turn, aid in the attracting visitors and lead to a rise in the number of app downloads.

ASO helps reduce the cost of customer acquisition, which is the most essential measure for a business whose income is primarily based on mobile applications. In addition to bringing in high-quality traffic, this service also helps bring in customers at a lower cost.

ASO, a necessary element for mobile app marketing strategy.

Why Is It Necessary to Use ASO?

According to information that was made public by Statista, more than 205 billion app downloads occurred in 2018, and industry analysts anticipate that number will approach 260 billion in 2022.

In a similar approach, a study report that was released by radar revealed that about 70 percent of consumers like app store search to discover new applications, and out of those users, 65 percent of users tend to download the apps that were searched for.

The conclusion drawn from these enormous statistics is that any brand whose income is reliant on an app-based business should concentrate on app store optimization (ASO).

1. Aids in the Acquiring of Organic Installs, Which Results in Lower Acquisition Costs

One of the most important advantages of ASO is that app exposure will increase over the course of time. Your app starts to rank for a variety of search queries, which may result in an increase in the number of app installations accomplished naturally and a reduction in the cost associated with the acquisition of new users.

2. Increases both revenue and the rate of conversion.

When your mobile app begins to rank for the core search terms relevant to company, then naturally, your visibility will rise. It is probable that users will download your software. You may even make money off of your app by including a variety of in-app purchases and adverts that are relevant to the app.

Since of this, the production of your income would be completely profitable, and the conversion rate would also be high because you would not be spending money on advertisements to get consumers to download your software.

3. Develop your user base around the globe.

If we made our software available in different languages and made it accessible to users all over the globe, there is a good chance that we could attract more users globally. The process of optimizing your software for a certain region’s app store is known as localization.

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