6 Top Free Youtube Seo Tools in 2022

6 Top Free Youtube Seo Tools in 2022

Do you know that Youtube is the second most used search engine after Google? The reason is video content that is gaining more popularity after textual content. If you’re just starting out to establish a presence on Youtube then you need to use these 6 top free Youtube seo tools to satisfy the search intent and skyrocket the performance of your Youtube channel.

6 Top Free Youtube Seo Tools

  • Google Trends

If you want to improve your YouTube SEO, nothing beats having an engaged audience. The key is to discover your own unique brand of ‘YouTube-able’ material.

Using Google Trends, begin your research. To perform this, enter in your target subject, choose ‘YouTube Search’, and then select a geographic location, category, and time period from which to narrow down the results by selecting the appropriate options.

The next step is to add another topic to which your primary topic may be compared in order to determine how they match up against one another.

  • Google Ads Keyword Planner

As you plan your YouTube strategy, it’s important to take the time to research the ideal keywords for your video. Let’s take a look at Google Ads’ Keyword Planner while we’re at it. Keyword research may be done with a particular topic in mind to find the most relevant search phrases and questions.

Based on the seed term/phrase, search parameters, and filters (if any), Keyword Planner generates a variety of keyword possibilities. You may narrow down your search by looking at the average number of monthly searches and the level of competition. After that, you may export your keyword list with all metrics intact in a single click.

  • Rank Tracker

When using Rank Tracker, you may get keyword ideas straight from YouTube’s recommendations, and it also shows you important indicators like predicted traffic, competitiveness, and search volume.

For a fast ranking check, you can also utilize Rank Tracker to identify terms that appear in highlighted snippets. If you’re looking to be found in organic search, pay attention to the topics with the greatest traffic.

  • TubeBuddy

It’s important to optimize your video content in the same way that you should optimize your website content, except that YouTube SEO is a race against the clock. Metadata optimization is due 48 hours after your video goes online; if you miss this deadline, the algorithm will rate your material as less timely, making a return all the more difficult.

It’s time to use TubeBuddy, a browser plugin that simplifies channel management and helps with things like title, description and tag information as well as remarks and cards for your content.

Using this tool, you’ll be able to see information on all the YouTube videos you open. You may save a lot of time by retrieving all of the tags from all of your movies and increasing your organic reach at the same time.

  • VidIQ

Using VidIQ as a browser extension, you’ll be able to easily do competition research and get sophisticated metrics for every YouTube video you visit, making VidIQ a powerful channel management tool.

It’s possible to compare the most popular videos on YouTube using the ‘Most Viewed’ function. You may add particular rival channels and compare them to your own for more insight. You’ll be able to discover which practices to follow to improve performance when you have a 24/7 channel audit at your disposal.

  • Awario

The most important ranking criteria on YouTube is still the video’s level of user involvement. As a result, it’s critical to maintain tabs on the sort of buzz your YouTube material generates – both on the platform and outside.

Social monitoring tools such as Awario allow you to quickly and easily capture linkless mentions of your video’s URL that are already a ranking indication for search engines.

In order to acquire more particular results, use a Boolean-based search to aggregate existing mentions and locate new link sources. Awario lets you do it all, from applying extra language or country restrictions to combining keywords into single search terms.


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