5 Must Have Tools For Social Media Marketing in 2022

5 Must Have Tools For Social Media Marketing in 2022

Due to the catastrophic impact of COVID 19 on the growth of small businesses, they are now looking ahead to dominating the game by harnessing the power of social media channels. But, a strong presence on social media requires high-quality content and engaging with the right audience. To make your presence felt on social media needs effective marketing techniques that are well structured, measured, managed, and established on a solid and authoritative strategy. To be successful on social media, you need to be aware of the most recent and upcoming trends, practices, and tools commonly used for it. If you are beginning with your journey on social media marketing, you should utilize the following tools to become a PRO in social media management.

5 Essential Tools For Social Media Marketing

Following are some cost-effective and valuable tools for managing social media to add spice and excitement to your content. 


Buffer is a versatile social media management tool mainly used to design and schedule posts on multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It also has features of social media administration and reporting. It provides vital performance insights regarding your social media posts and evaluates performance metrics on social media one by one or together.


  • Crafting new posts from any webpage
  • Customization of different social media posts through an extension
  • Including your social media posts in the Queue for publishing
  • Easily share quotes from the webpage


It is an application that leverages cloud technology to find better opportunities for content, engagement, and outreach arrangements among social media and search engine results. It identifies new and unexplored keywords, viral stories, customer queries, and content success chances while supervising your valuable data. It is an essential part of digital marketing that helps you to discover your competitor’s strategy and analyze whether your content is doing well or not.


  • Finding out unique and persistent content ideas
  • Develop your organic content approach
  • Cut down your digital advertising expense
  • Perform competitor analysis
  • Tracking of trending news 
  • Keep an eye on multichannel performance


Missinglettr is an automated tool for anyone with blogs who wants to publicize them on social media quickly, efficiently, and with the best results. It is an AI-driven tool that extracts informative and interesting snippets from your blog. It gives you the option of adding the custom image for each snippet.


  • Customize and schedule your social campaign
  • Personalize the branding 
  • Advertise your website, webshop, or event
  • Weekly details about your marketing performance


Hootsuite is a vital tool for social media managers. It makes it easier for them to schedule posts, resolve customer inquiries, crisis control, identify prospects, and provide details about valuable metrics. Hootsuite is a modern all-in-one social media tool that refines your content, schedules posts, measures ROI, and manages team members.


  • Social media scheduling
  • Social media monitoring
  • Social media analytics
  • Team collaboration
  • Customer support


Mention is an innovative and intelligent social listening tool that analyzes how your brand, products, and competitors are mentioned on the internet in real-time? To get ahead of your competitors, you have to be at the top of the conversation, answer social media mentions within the platform, and keep an eye on your competitors.


  • Analyze social media mentions about your brand
  • Track corresponding data and trends
  • Inspect the reach, impact, and tone of your social media mentions
  • Develop comprehensive reports to see the big picture


Boost and enhance your marketing strategies through some of the most valuable tools mentioned above to help you analyze your customers better through highly popular social media management tools and marketing campaigns.


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